Closing out the UT Football season and starting up Basketball.

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

To start with, I am SOOO glad this season is over for my Vols. I’m glad they didn’t get a bowl bid. That would have just been another embarrassing loss. They haven’t gotten one iota better this season. They’ve steadily regressed each and every week to the point where you can’t beat a Kentucky team that used a Wide Receiver as their Quarterback. A WIDE RECEIVER… know he isn’t going to throw, he’s gonna run. But we couldn’t stop him. Roark ran 24 times for 124 yards and our backs ran 24 times for 61 yards. Seriously? Don’t hand me the “young team” excuse. This group has had all season to learn how to tackle and block. There’s no excuse for not being able or wanting to make a block or a tackle. If the players don’t want to make an effort to help the team, send them home and use their scholly for someone who has the desire.

Coach Dooley has several tough decisions to make and I’m honestly surprised there hasn’t been announcements by now about some firings within his staff. In my opinion, Offensive Coordinator Chaney and Offensive Line Coach Heistand both should have already been escorted out of the building this morning. Play calling on the offensive side has been terribad and our running program stunk because our backs didn’t have anybody blocking for them. Michael Palardy, who was ranked the #1 kicker in America when he signed with UT, has been one of the worst kickers ever at the University. I’m not sure what happened to him, but someone there needs to find out why he hasn’t produced anything at all. I think if Dooley doesn’t make vast improvements next season and win at least 8 games, we will be once more looking for a new Head Coach and if he is available at that time, I would love to see John Chavis come home. I like Derek Dooley a lot, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to produce as a leader.

Urban Meyer was announced this morning as the new coach for Ohio State. I’m not shocked. When Tressel was fired, Meyer’s name was mentioned and after giving it some thought, I agreed. Florida faithful are furious with Coach Meyer. Actually, I don’t blame the man. I would have lied to get away from UF too.

Now to the Pros…When I first saw Ndamukong Suh, he was playing for Nebraska and I was totally amazed at this young man and his abilities to toss people out of his way. Now he has been drafted and is playing for the Detroit Lions. I still am amazed of the guy and think he can be one of the best defensive players ever in the NFL. But now his attitude has changed and it will likely cost him a ton of fans, including myself. He stomped the bare arm of an opponent with his spiked cleats, who was on the ground. Dude needs to learn how and where to challenge his anger. His coach, Jim Schwartz, needs to sit him down and make him understand what he can and cannot do, but I think he is waiting for the NFL to determine what punishment he receives. Cowardly on coach’s part. Schwartz should set the precedent and tell Suh he will miss the rest of the regular season and will be on probation throughout next season. If he does something stupid like that again, then he doesn’t need to be in the NFL. I feel confident they will hold a spot for him in Wrestling.

Changing directions, let’s discuss the Lady Vols. This is the “We Back Pat” season after Pat Summitt announced to the world that she was diagnosed with Early Onset Dementia, or the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Sunday, they played the #1 ranked Baylor Bears in Knoxville with their #6 ranking and 38 game home win streak on the floor. While I think Holly Warlick is doing and will do a fine job coaching the girls, you could tell that Pat didn’t have control of this team. Had she been in charge of those girls, Brittney Griner would not have made it through the third quarter. Pat would have put someone on Griner’s hip all night long and would have drove to the basket until she managed to get Griner fouled out or at least force Mulkey to bench her. I’m seeing signs that this team doesn’t have the meanness that Pat coaches into her players. It seems to me that this team is focusing more on their scoring skills than on their defensive skills. Vicki Baugh and Shekinna Stricklen were both playing excellent ball Sunday, but they couldn’t control Griner, and with her size (6’8″, size 18 men’s shoe and 86″ wingspan), you must stop her somehow, some way.


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