Mizzou Invitation

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

SO now the SEC has said that it has NOT invited Mizzou to join the SEC.

The original offer was in the event that “IF” the big 12 implodes, then an offer would be made. So this would mean that indeed an offer has not been made to Mizzou…yet.

But this has me wondering…why would Mizzou want to leak this, because there is no way the SEC made this public.

Did Mizzou spill the beans to let the Big 10 know that they were about to be taken off the market,?

Did they spill it to possibly implicate the SEC further in the TAMU/Baylor lawsuit?

Either way won’t make the SEC office feel the warm and fuzzies towards the Tigers. Maybe the SEC withdraws the offer now and leaves Mizzou to it’s own means. Would suit them right.


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