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So if the SEC is to add 4 more teams, which 4 would make the most sense and why?

1. Texas A&M….there has already been an agreement to bring in the Aggies once the threat of litigation is gone. Which would happen when the Big 12 implodes or settles their disagreements and keeps the conference intact, unless TAMU decides to give it one more shot in the dysfunctional 12 or they decide to follow OU west. All of these options are possible at this time because I feel A&M is very impatient and isn’t happy because the SEC isn’t stepping up to fight Baylor in the courts. I still think A&M comes to the SEC.

2. Florida State University….Yes, it’s true that the ACC has increased it’s buyout from 15 to 20 million, but that isn’t much in todays big market NCAA football world. But why would FSU want to leave the ACC? It seems they have a easy road to a BCS game and very possibly the National Championship game in the football-weak ACC. That alone would make you think that FSU wouldn’t have any desire to go anywhere, but then news came out that FSU developed a team to explore realignment options. Why in the world would they want to leave the smooth, paved road to a BCS game? I don’t know the answer to that, but would love to find out. So I will leave FSU on my wishlist for additional SEC members.

3. Missouri….Mizzou adds 2 large TV markets, which is the only reason they are attractive to the SEC and why they were offered membership if and when the Big 12 implodes. They culturally don’t fit in with the SEC and their fans aren’t anywhere near as rabid as SEC fans are. The only benefit I see for adding Mizzou is the St.Louis and Kansas City markets. Missouri has had a crush with the Big 10 and tried last year to get into that conference, but was left on the altar by the Big 10 when they chose Nebraska instead. I think this is the reason Mizzou leaked out the information about the possible agreement with the SEC, to see if they could make the Big 10 think Mizzou is more valuable now that the SEC wants them. But now, since Mizzou has leaked out that the SEC had made an agreement with them, I feel they have burned that bridge with Slive and the SEC will withdraw their offer. That wouldn’t hurt my feelings if they weren’t allowed to join now.

4. West Virginia University….WVU was one of the teams that Mike Slive was authorized to talk to about joining the SEC (the other being Mizzou). WVU applied for membership recently, but it was denied by the SEC. Reasons? Probably because there is only 1.8 million people in the entire state and their academics would immediately make them the worst school, academics-wise, in the SEC. Their fan base is very rabid about football, which fits, but they don’t have much of a TV market value. Also, before they applied to the SEC, they applied and was denied membership into the ACC. And if they ain’t good enough for the ACC, they damn sure ain’t good enough for us.

5. Other schools….This is where the water gets very cloudy as there are currently tons of rumors, but nothing substantial as to which school has the edge to gain membership. Clemson and Georgia Tech have both been rumored to be candidates, but neither school would add much of anything to the conference. Virginia Tech is another rumor. They do bring in the Washington DC TV market, and would be a more cultural fit than some of the other teams mentioned, but I’m not sure they are interested in the SEC. VT is a military school, as is Texas A&M, and we southerners are very proud of our military, so they would be welcomed into the league, but I’ve also read that some of the Virginia politicians want to keep VT and UVA tied together and I don’t think the SEC is interested in having both schools.  A team that really intrigues me the more I think about them is the University of North Carolina. They would bring in the Charlotte TV market and have a pretty good team and fan base, plus they have a really good basketball program, which would be a plus to the SEC. Most people think they wouldn’t leave the ACC because of the basketball rivalry with Duke University, but they could continue to play Duke as an out of conference game. I really like UNC as a member of the SEC.

So the teams I would like to see join the SEC are…Texas A&M, the University of North Carolina, Florida State University and Virginia Tech, if they can be separated from UVA.

We’ll discuss how the teams can be divided within the conference in another post.


Mizzou Invitation

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

SO now the SEC has said that it has NOT invited Mizzou to join the SEC.

The original offer was in the event that “IF” the big 12 implodes, then an offer would be made. So this would mean that indeed an offer has not been made to Mizzou…yet.

But this has me wondering…why would Mizzou want to leak this, because there is no way the SEC made this public.

Did Mizzou spill the beans to let the Big 10 know that they were about to be taken off the market,?

Did they spill it to possibly implicate the SEC further in the TAMU/Baylor lawsuit?

Either way won’t make the SEC office feel the warm and fuzzies towards the Tigers. Maybe the SEC withdraws the offer now and leaves Mizzou to it’s own means. Would suit them right.

NCAA Realignment

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

So Mizzou has an offer on the table in case the Big 12 implodes. I’m for them joining the SEC, but am wondering why this was leaked. I don’t see any reason for it to be leaked by the SEC, but on the other side of the coin, I can see a scenario why Mizzou would leak the info. Maybe they are trying to get the Big 10 to make an offer to them?